spink: the frothy white toothpaste substance which is transfered from your mouth to the sink. spoodge: the white,synthetic-like sweet cream filling in packaged snacks Example: The spoodge in twinkies will last forever. Slamo: The way Anakin Skywalker calls people Slime-ball. stop n rob: A convenience store, often a locally-owned, non-chain store. Seinfeldian: Situation that could have been part of a Seinfeld episode. And get some assorted snackage while you re at it. Example: That scrounge is always asking me for a favor. sift: to hang about doing nothing for extended periods of time. screwtinization: When they dig through the minutiae of your life in order to get you for something. Example: That new tie you bought me was sucktastic.

Example: Mike was out boating all day without a change of clothes and now he has a nasty case of sea-scratch. Borrowed from Stone Cold Steve Austin and used extensively by Brandon Bingham of Sacramento, CA. scouser: Anyone born or currently living in Liverpool, England. stupe: noun: an idiot, someone whose stupidity defies explanation. Example: You need to check out this band, they have a sick bass player. Not to be confused with Sloar, a creature defined by Louis Tulley from Ghostbusters. Example: I went to Wal Mart and you wouldn t believe how many shlongs I saw. spaznastic: To describe someone or someone s behavior that is unusual but intriguing. Did you see that guy dancing to Duran Duran by himself in the workshop. stover: (derogatory) A person who frequently exibits geekiness, ineptness, extreme stupidity, or other undesirable traits chat slang adult.

Example: Spongebob Squarepants is definitely stunny. Example: I won t be doing my homework tonight either. spate: To strike or to slap someone s face in a backhand fashion, in response to verbal abuse or an insult Example: I ll spate you right in the face if you say something like that again..
. Example: The snow-birds usually do not permanently move to Florida, but just use their homes there to escape the brutal winters of the American Northeast and Canada. They ve got me on afternoons at Slaveway. shinnanist: A person attracted to shiny objects. Slashdotized: When you re being overloaded by an incredible amount of sessions on your webserver. Symptoms include no nausea, no high temperature, and no feverishness. shrinkle: To reduce in size and appearance by shrinking and wrinkling. .


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